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"The Past Is A Portal To The Future"

                     Wed, Feb 9th, 2011

                                                                  Day 40 Of The Year 


                                       On This Day:

1267: The Synod of Breslau orders citizens of the Jewish faith of Silesia
           to wear special caps  

1822: The Native American (American Indian) Society organizes  
1861: Passing over the radical secessionists R.B. Rhett and W.L. Yancey,
           the Provisional Congress of the Confederate State of America
elects Jefferson Davis of Mississippi and Alexander H. Stephens 
           of Georgia as its President and Vice President  

1885: The first Japanese immigrants arrive in Hawaii  
1886: President Cleveland declares a state of emergency in Seattle 
           because of anti-Chinese violence  

1895: Volleyball is invented by W.G. Morgan in Massachusetts  
1913: More then 200 farmers and astronomers report UFO's in 
           Brazil, Africa, Bermuda, and Canada  

1918: The Army chaplain school is organized at Fort Monroe Virginia  
1922: Snow falls on Mauna Loa Hawaii  
1923: Soviet Aeroflot airlines is established  
1925: Haifa Techion (Israel) opens  
1934: The Balkan Entente alliance forms (Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey & Romania)  
1942: The U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff holds its first formal meeting
           to coordinate military strategy during World War II  

1943: The last Japanese forces finally give up fighting and evacuate Guadalcanal  
1962: Jamaica signs the agreement to become independent  
1963: The Boeing 727 jet aircraft makes its first commercial flight  
1964: The Beatles make their first appearance on CBS-TV's “Ed Sullivan Show”
           (73.7 million viewers)  

1964: The G.I. Joe doll is introduced  
1969: The world's largest airplane, the Boeing 747,
           makes its first commercial flight  

1971: The Apollo 14 manned mission returns to Earth after successfully
           landing on the Moon (the third manned mission to do so)  

1985: Madonna's “Like a Virgin” album goes #1 (stays for 3 weeks)  
1986: Halley's Comet reaches its 30th perihelion (closest approach to Sun)  
1990: The Galileo spacecraft flies by Venus  

1991: Citizens of Lithuania vote for independence  
1995: Former Senator J. William Fulbright dies in Washington DC at age 89  
2001: A U.S. Navy submarine collides with a Japanese fishing boat
           off the Hawaiian coast, killing nine men and boys aboard the boat 

          Born On This Day:

1404: Constantine XI Dragases, last Byzantine Emperor (607 years ago)  
1773: William Henry Harrison, Virginia, 9th U.S. President
           (3/4/1841-4/4/1841: Whigs Party - Died in office.) (238 years ago)  

1775: Farkas/Wolfgang Bolyai, Hungary, mathematician 
           (parallel axiom) (236 years ago)  

1846: Wilhelm Maybach, German engineer, designer of 1st Mercedes 
           (165 years ago)  

1853: Sir Leander Starr Jameson, PM of South African Cape colony
           (158 years ago)  

1865: Erich von Drygalski, Germany, geographer/glaciologist/Antarctic explorer
           (146 years ago)  

1907: Aubrey (“Dit”) Clapper, NHL hall of famer (Boston Bruins) (104 years ago)  
1908: Jackie Fields, U.S. featherweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1924) 
           (103 years ago)  

1909: Dean Rusk, U.S. Secretary of State (1961-69) (102 years ago)  
1942: Carole King, (Klein), Brooklyn NY, pianist/singer (Tapestry) (69 years ago)  
1942: Peder Lunde Jr, Norway, yachtsman (Olympic-gold-1960) (69 years ago)  
1943: James King, New Orleans LA, basketball player (Olympic-gold-1968)
           (68 years ago)  

1943: Jonny Nilsson, Sweden, 10K speed skater (Olympic-gold-1964)
           (68 years ago)  

1956: Philip Jackson Ford Jr, NC, basketball player (Olympic-gold-1976)
           (55 years ago)  

1965: Lennox Lewis, London England, Super HW boxer (Olympic-gold-1988) 
           (46 years ago)  

1971: Leroy (“Satchel”) Paige, elected to Baseball Hall of Fame (40 years ago) 

                                                             Today Is:

                                                        (U.S.) Toothache Day

               There are 325 days left in this year. 





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