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   "The Past Is A Portal To The Future"

                    Tue, Feb 8th, 2011 

                                                           Day 39 Of The Year  


                                            On This Day:

1672: Isaac Newton reads his first optics paper
           before the Royal Society in London

1802: Simon Willard is granted a patent for the Banjo Clock
1807: Napoleon defeats Russian troops in the Battle of Eylau
1861: Seven southern states form the Confederate States of America
           in Montgomery Alabama

1883: Louis Waterman begins experiments to invent the fountain pen
1904: Outbreak of hostilities in the Russo-Japanese war
1922: President Harding has the first radio installed in the White House
1926: Walt Disney Studios is formed
1934: The Export-Import Bank organizes in Washington DC
1969: A meteorite weighing over 1 ton falls in Chihuahua Mexico
1971: U.S. air and artillery forces aid a 44-day incursion into Laos
           by South Vietnam forces

1975: 1,800 Unification church couples wed in Korea
1980: President Jimmy Carter
           unveils a plan to re-introduce draft registration

1983: Eric Peters 
           sets the trans-Atlantic sailboat record (E-W) of 46 days

1985: Bruce Morris, of Marshall University,
           makes a 92' 5” basketball shot

1988: The USSR agrees to pull it's troops from Afghanistan
1989: Jockey Chris Antley
           begins a record of 64 consecutive winning days

1999: The funeral of Jordan's King Hussein in Amman is attended by 
           dignitaries including President Clinton
           and former presidents Ford, Carter and Bush

             Born On This Day:

      1291: Afonso IV, King of Portugal (1325-57) (720 years ago)
      1795: Friedlieb F Runge, German chemist (Chinoline)
                 (216 years ago)

      1906: Chester F. Carlson, invented xerography
                 (photocopying - “Xerox”ing) (105 years ago)

      1920: Lana Turner, Wallace Idaho, actress
                 (Survivors, Falcon Crest) (91 years ago)

      1925: Jack Lemmon, Boston Mass, actor
                 (Days of Wine & Roses, Missing) (86 years ago)

      1931: James Dean, stage/film actor
                 (Giant, Rebel Without a Cause) (80 years ago)

      1959: Irina Kalinina, USSR, springboard diver 
                 (Olympic-gold-1980) (52 years ago)


                                                                       Today Is:

                                                (Iraq) Ramadan Revolution
                                                (Norway) Narvik Sun Pageant Day

           There are 326 days left in this year.







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